Diesel Fuel Quality Hydrometer – AM-J-34352 / J-38641-D


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Diesel Fuel Quality Hydrometer  AM-J-34352

This is a high-quality hydrometer that provides a true gravity reading.

J-38641-D provides a quick determination of diesel fuel API in the vehicle. Diesel fuel is drawn into the hydrometer tube to float the internal glass bulb float. The top scale of the float has a direct reading API scale. The bottom of the float has an integral thermometer and temperature correction scale. The reading on the thermometer correlates to the temperature scale and gives a number to add or subtract to the float top scale reading to compensate for the fuel temperature and provide an accurate API reading.Float has a direct reading API scale. Bottom float reading is based on temperature. Temperature scale will give a number to add or subtract to the top scale reading that will compensate for temperature therefore, giving the correct API reading.

Superseded From: J-38641-B  J-38641-D

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