Stanadyne Gasoline Additive Plus 1/2 Pint Bottle (8oz) 38557


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Stanadyne Gasoline Fuel Additive

Gasoline Additive is designed to protect Gasoline Direct Injection and traditional gas fuel systems, while restoring engine performance. This unique formula helps eliminate deposits that form on critical fuel system and engine components to keep those components clean, lubricated, and maintenance free.

Benefits Include:

1) Improves Fuel Economy and restoration of Horsepower & Performance
2) Lubricates Fuel System (Injectors & Pump)
3) Reduces Piston & Piston ring friction
4) Detergents that clean, prevent deposit build up on Intake Valves & Injectors
5) Antioxidants to keep fuel fresh longer
6) Prevents Rust & Corrosion in the fuel system
7) Ethanol Protection
8) Catalytic Converter Safe
9) Also ideal for Recreational Vehicles and Small Engines

Each bottle treats up to 18 gallons of Gasoline