Do you provide a warranty on the products you sell and service?

Yes, we carry a one-year warranty on the products we overhaul.  The manufacturer also carries a warranty on the parts they provide.  We are participants in the ADS Nationwide Warranty program.  Please see the Warranty Information for further information. Please see our Warranty page for more information.

Do you have equipment to test injection pumps and injectors?

Yes, we utilize numerous test stands, flow panels computer systems and other equipment to properly test the fuel injection systems.  In addition, the equipment is tested and certified by the manufacturers we represent. Please see our Injectors page for more detailed information regarding Injector testing, repairing and replacing.

I have a pump that I want to repair myself. Do you sell parts to repair my pump?

This is not an easy question. Yes, we have parts to repair your pump and will sell you what you want, but if you have never worked on a pump before you can sometimes do more harm than good. Many pumps require special tools and training to disassemble and reassemble properly. By working on it without this knowledge you may turn what would be a Minor Repair into a complete rebuild.

I have a 2000 Dodge with a 5.9L Cummins Diesel. Do you rebuild the Injection pump?

No, We are not contracted with Bosch to repair the VP service of pumps. We do stock reman pumps for the Dodge and Cummins Engine applications.

Do you sell Tractor Parts?

Yes, we are a dealer for Hy Capacity Parts. They are the largest tractor parts distributor in the United States.

Do you sell or exchange rebuilt pumps?

Yes, we do, please give us a call or email with your questions.